The Institute for PsychoCongruent Health and Wellness

What is PsychoCongruent Health and Wellness

PsychoCongruent Health and Wellness is an interdisciplinary science based approach to optimizing health and healing that recognizes the integration of the whole person in the process. This approach targets the balanced functioning of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of the body.  This requires a comprehensive approach to diagnosis and treatment. Treatment strategies incorporate cognitive (mental), physical (exercise), and nutritional (diet) counseling.

How does it work?

Psychocongruent Wellness Practitioners use an ever increasing range of tools to determine how the energy and information received by the brain translates into and manifests as symptoms throughout the body. The Psychocongruent Wellness Practitioner uses this information to assess, diagnose, and devise a treatment strategy individualized to each patient’s unique needs.

Stress, anxiety, and emotional imbalances (e.g. difficulty managing anger) communicate a deficiency within the system. The generation of symptoms is an attempt by the system to cope with this imbalance and heal itself.  Therapeutic actions should be complementary to and synergistic with this healing process. The role of the Psychocongruent practitioner is to facilitate this process by identifying obstacles to improved health and wellness (assessment and diagnosis), developing an individualized plan to optimize internal and external balance (treatment planning), and assist in implementation of and execution of treatment initiatives (treatment).