Thirty Days of Inspiration: Thirty Original Quotes and Insights to Transform Your Life


As we navigate the obstacles life presents, it is helpful to have the wisdom and insight of a quote to provide guidance. A quote can provide context to various situations that is shockingly applicable. In this book there are thirty original quotes (plus two bonus quotes) designed to provide context to your life, assist you in creating your individual story, and facilitate deeper understanding. The thirty quotes focus on constructs like self-awareness, self-fulfillment, values, cognition, emotions, problem solving, critical thinking, self-acceptance, mental clarity, rationality, and change. These quotes have played a pivotal role in my transformation to a mindful, healthy, fulfilled life. They have helped me to develop gratitude for the journey that I have traveled and curiosity for the journey yet to come. The information in this book is organized from the Psychocongruent perspective and applied to critical themes for a healthy and fulfilling life. Each quote is uniquely formulated to highlight a specific thought, behavior, or activity to be focused on for a specific day. It is my goal that the quotes and the underlying Psychocongruent philosophy will help you achieve your goals and obtain the life you desire.

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